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February 07, 2021 1442 0

You can FEEL that there’s something wrong with the world.
You cannot explain what you feel, unless you can SEE the unseen.

If you think it's about taking the RED pill (chasing down doctored rabbit holes) rather than the BLUE pill (Ignorance is bliss), then you have fallen for their illusion.

Because you have been PURPLE PILLED since birth !

You are in a hypnotized state of being and you run on automated programs. 

You live in an inverted world full of lies, illusions and deceptions, a created, scripted reality which you perceive as real, unless you can SEE ...

Learn how to use your eyes. Study the differences of male and female skeletons. Then look around you and SEE the before unseen. Everything will finally start to make sense.

Once you can see, you'll never be able to UNSEE again.

This is an educational site with official missing information for natural born men and women. 

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Facts, not fiction !