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"Pregnant" Males

By February 12, 2021 912 0

Deception & mockery @ its finest ! Males cannot become pregnant, nor have miscarriages, nor abortions !!! That would be a medical prime !

Fake pregnancies on this page: Sanna Marin, Tessy Antony, Kelly Rowland, Jacinda Ardern, Frauke Petry

Work in progress !!!

They always look perfect, they do not take that much weight and look perfect slim again soon after "giving birth". 


Sanna Marin

Tessy Antony 

Click here to see Tessy's male CLAVICLES --- click here to see Tessy's male GAIT

Kelly Rowland

click here to see Kelly's male clavicles

Jacinda Ardern

click here for Jacinda descending stairs, here for Jacinda gait, here for Jacinda face

Frauke Petry

click here for Frauke Petry face


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Facts, not fiction !

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