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Hidden Pregnancies

By February 12, 2021 880 0

In the Hidden Secret Society WoMEN (biological Males) have to fake their pregnancies. In their inverted world, lookalike men, that are the real biological Females do that job. 

Suspected hidden pregnancies on this page: Gordon Ramsey ? , Xavier Bettel ?, 

In their inverted world Females have their breasts (milk ducts) removed, early in their life. Furthermore they take Testosterone, which deepens their voice, let them have facial hair grow, put on more muscles and less body fat. Their menstruation cycle stops. 

In order to become pregnant, they have to stop the intake of hormones. The female estrogene surges again, they put on weight, which is absolutely normal for women, especially when they become pregnant, their body is prepared to nourrish their offspring.

Famous "males" with heavy weight gain and loss within a very short time. Breeders ? 

Gordon Ramsey

Truth shown in plain sight ? Weight Loss 22 kg - Here's how he did it ! 


Xavier Bettel

click here for Xavier's female gait --- click here for Xavier's female face


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