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Fairplay for women in Sports

February 10, 2021 873 0

Women's Sport should be for Females only !

It is well known, or at least it used to be well-known before the "new-up-is-down-normal", that male bodies are bigger, faster and stronger on average than female bodies. 

Competition is based on differences in age, weight and other factors as well as competition is divided into male and female sex categories. 

Now where is Fairplay for women with trans-women ?

Women can't match the strength of men's skeletal muscles - unless they artificially raise their androgens by a significant amount, which would be dangerous.
Testosterone enhances muscle growth & strength. 

Women simply cannot build strength & muscles like men. That's a fact !

Men have massive upper & lower body strength advantage.

Men's muscles are more solid, due to higher proportion of Type 2 fast-twitch fibres. This type of muscle fibre contains a lot of proteins but not much blood. It can expand/contract rapidly with great force and generate its own energy, but it draws on the rest of the body for oxygen. Because of this Type 2 muscles fibres men get tired more quickly. Men's muscles are proportionally about 50% more Type 2 than women's.

Women have more Type 1 (slow-twitch) fibres and use them better. Type 1 fibres are more loosely packed and have their own capillaries, which means they can keep going for a long time. Women activate both types of fibre through neuromuscular activity.

Women are 90% as fast as men. Again, where is FAIR PLAY with transwomen ???

We need to get back to NATURAL standards. Keep it simple and sane !

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Last modified on Wednesday, 10 February 2021 20:58

Facts, not fiction !

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