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Gender Reassignment Surgery GRS Featured

February 12, 2021 1110 0

Genital self-mutilation based on deceptions ! Promoted by false open TRANS-WOMEN like Chelsea Manning !

There have been stories about open transgender change, like that one of Bradley Manning into Cheslea Manning.

You think Bradley Mannings is a MALE that transformed into a FEMALE ?

You are wrong, those are deceptions to mislead people into self-mutilation of their genitals.  
It's all Show. Bradley has always been a female. Born female, her ROLE to play was BRADLEY.

Chelsea Manning is NOT A TRANS-WOMAN, but a real biological woman.

 The open gender transition seemsto be part of her PUBLIC ROLE to confirm such transitions to be successful or whatever.

Anyway, all of what happened with Chelsea Bradley Manning is a scripted reality. Not real. All part of a huge TrumanShow. 

Furthermore it's to create confusion about the genders, part of the mind bending gender Agenda.  

These kind of transgenders are to show you, that transgendering would look like that. It would not get any better than that. Which holds true for all those, that decide transitioning AFTER puberty.


It is easier to transform MALES to FEMALES, than FEMALES to MALES.

But in any case the result will always be fake, it will always be artifical, made-up, lookalike, ... everything but natural and real !

Body Masculinization Surgery BMS

This is what can be achieved. This is a Female to Male Transformer before & after her body masculinization surgery. Have a look at the V-shape clavicles !
It is a testimony for a Personal Fitness Trainer, but should be an ad for BMS. 

The Belly Button was lifted, an Adonis belt and muscles were built out of body fat. 


source of image

It's deception @ its finest !
Used to gain customers.
Instill the illusion of achieving that perfect body shape through fitness.

Men cannot achieve the same shape a muscular FTM can achieve with body building. 

Women cannot achieve a male chest shape without subcutanous body fat. They need to take artifical hormones, anabolic steroids for her body to build up more muscles and less body fat. Either Hormone Therapy or Masculinization Surgery.

Women with body builder friends, which took such steroids to build up muscles have been badly surprised, as they did not except their voice to deepen. Irreversibly.

Top Surgery

Below are photos of victims of  Top Surgery or Masectomy.


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Facts, not fiction !

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