October 01, 2023

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Facts, not fiction !

Study how real men & women you know in real life walk and climb/descend stairs. Then study how Runway Models walk: Males mimicking the Female gait.

It's literally ALL of them, ... or is there an exception ? The exception proves the rule, so they say.

Hormone Therapy starts before puberty for all of the secret transgenders. After puberty it is much more difficult to reach a satisfiable result, as the own sex hormones have yet done their job !

Sex Hormones

February 09, 2021

Sex hormones occur naturally in our bodies and are produced by the gonads (ovaries or testes), by adrenal glands or are made from fat cells.

Skull, Face & Neck

February 08, 2021

There are some key differences in the appearance of the forehead, eyes and jaw between men and women that are used to determine the sex of a skull.

 Examples: Differences of male & female Skeletons


February 07, 2021

You can FEEL that there’s something wrong with the world.
You cannot explain what you feel, unless you can SEE the unseen.

Mind bending Agenda

February 06, 2021

There are exactly 2 sexes: Females & Males. Both are needed to procreate. Both are designed especially for this !

Female & Male Gait

February 06, 2021

Nobody can hide his/her true, original sex. Mission impossible !

TRANSformers may be trained in mimicking the opposite gender gait, but they cannot change their original pelvis and femurs. 

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