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Spot'em all !

February 16, 2021 1508 0

They rule us. They fool us. They mislead us.

Know your ennemy. Spot'em all.

 It seems as if we deal with a much more important number of hidden gender inverted people, than ever thought. It's not just the Elite, but all of them are decision makers in one way or another, or at least this is what it APPEARS to be. Perception is deception !

They rule the world. They run this Show ! They are family ! A secret society among us.

Who is they ? Gender-inverted actors playing a scripted role. But who writes their roles, distributes the roles, sets up the program, the script? 
Who is the regis sir ? 

Anyway, a lot of effort and energy is being put in staged events all over the plane. To sell illusions. A lot of inverted actors are involved.

Staged events, scripted reality. Events, virtual creations, to instill fear. Afraid people are easier to control, unable to think (flight or fight mode).

But just for power, wealth and control ? They are parasites, the natural born humans are their host. That's it. Really ?

How many of them are here to fool us ?
Do they outnumber us ?

Help us get a clearer picture of the inverted secret society . 


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Facts, not fiction !

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