April 18, 2024

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Hermaphrodites are Twins in One Body Featured

They are also known as Intersex people. Intersex is nowadays an umbrella term for whoever cannot be clearly defined as Male or Female, meaning whoever shows secondary characteristics of both sexes or shows no sex characteristics at all.

It is a very rare condition, that the sex of a baby can not be defined at birth.

Mostly, these babies are MALES, whose genitalia did not fully develop. Like undescended testis. The empty sacs look like a vulva. The urethra ususally ends at the bottom of the underdeveloped penis, located where the clitoris would be, so they have to sit down to pee. They suffer from a “genetic genital disorder”. It’s a stop of growth/development of their MALE genitalia during pregnancy. It is not that they were non-binary. But they could easily be assigned female at birth and reveal their true sex later, when their body starts producing male sex hormones.

In very rare cases both genitalia are present, although none is fully developed, so they are not fertile. There has not been one documented case of the coexistence of both sexual organs fully developed in one body. And there can’t be, because development individually started before the two embryos merged.

Hermaphrodites are in fact Twins in One Body, or “Siamese twins”. It’s just not obvious, because one twin has been completely “built in” or absorbed. Merging at an early stage of development.

The foto above from a Hermaphrodite was taken by French photographer Nadar in 1860 and is part of 9 pictures, taken for medical reasons and probably also for him to to change his sex on official documents.

Pic genitalia gallica

You can see that it is the skeleton of a female. It’s a female skull, you see short but muscular arms & short legs, sloping shoulders. Male characteristics are a thick neck, large shoulders, no breasts, but also no chest hair, hairy legs and a small penis or enlarged clitoris. The Penis is, IMO, located a bit lower than it should be, it’s rather located where the female clitoris would be.

Alexine Abel Barbin

assigned female at birth in 1838 and reassigned male about 21 years later after medical examinations. Alexine was raised as a girl in a convent and later in a boarding school for girls with good education. At age 19 she/he became a teacher and worked as a female teacher in a boarding school fir girls, had a female voice and did pass as a woman. Alexine discoverd that she/he was different than the other girls at puberty, but avoided to expose her/his body naked to others. Alexine then suffered pain from an undescended testicle and had to see a doctor. Following this, she/he then had to change sex on official documents, became Abel in 1860. She/he left the old life behind, including the girl she/he was in love with, but could not deal with the new role as a man. Alexine Abel committed suicide in February 1868, 8 years after she/he became officially a man. Allegedly Alexine Abels memories were found next to her/his body.

A medical rapport and excerpts of the autopsy rapport, including the Memories of Alexine Abel have been released in 1874 by Ambroise Tardieu, a French Doctor in his book “Question Médico-Légale de l’Identité”, Medico-Legal Question of Identity

The autopsy revealed that Alexine Abel Barbin had a vagina of 6,5 cm dephth, vaginal mucosa, 2 vulvo-vaginal gland, but no uterus and no ovaries, a small prostate, undescended testis  and a penis of 5 cm length and 2,5 cm Ø.

The doctor Chesnet, who declared Alexine Abel to be a man, did so, because the male characteristics were more important than the female one. For LEGAL documents, he had to choose, there are but 2 sexes.  Being both sexes is somewhat rare, but Alexine Abel was such a rare exception: a real Androgyn, both sexes. Not a man, but also not a woman

It is not 100% sure whether the person photographed by Nadar in 1860 in Paris is indeed Alexine Abel Barbin. The probability is although very high. There should not have been many cases of legal sex change due to wrong assignment of sex at birth in 1860.

Conjoined or Siamese Twins

Conjoined twins are extremely rare, they are estimated to occur once in every 50 000 to 60 000 pregancies. Up to 60% are stillborn or die shortly after birth.

I suppose, that when the cells of two embryos/fetuses come in touch and merge for whatever reason, the original construction plan becomes “confused”. The result are births of twins, conjoined on different parts of their bodies or head, they often share vital organs and/or blood circulation system and/or cardiovascular system.

And this also leads to births of real hermaphrodites in the case of a male & female embryo completely merging. Two female or male embryos could similarly merge without anyone noticing it, unless there were obvious anomalies.

Anomalies like: Having Three legs

Frank Lentini, was a Siamese twin! Or rather he had a parasitic twin. A twin partially built in. Born 1881 or 1885 in Silicy he became famous as the “Three-Legged Man” with 16 fingers and two Penises.

Or like: Having 4 legs & 2 female sex reproduction organs

Source Myrtle Corbin

But still … THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You) do not mention that which should be obvious: conjoined female twins or a parasitic built-in twin. Instead “her body axis splitted as it developped”. 

Or anomalies like having 2x vagina, uterus & cervix, but ofc this rare condition is not related to an incorporated or parasitic twin.

Obvious Conjoined Twins

Anything is possible between being conjoined just by skin on the chest or hips without sharing organs, like Chang & Eng up to one twin being completely absorbed.

Chang & Eng were born 1811 in Siam and became the first really famous couple of conjoined twins, that’s why today we call conjoined twins “Siamese twins”.

Some Siamese twins did not survive birth, some could be successfully separated by surgeons. Some became famous.

Before the invention of the Cesarean Section, probably neither mother nor babies would have survived birth.

Siamese twins share one body, but have different personalities.

How much of the personality of the “built-in” twin is in a Hermaphrodite?

Their body can produce both sex hormones, which could become confusing if they become attracted to BOTH sexes (BIsexual). Hormones are signaling molecules which regulate physiology & behavior including mood. Hormones are required for the correct development. Receiving male & female “construction” or “opposite” signals will cause mental confusion too, for sure!


Intersex has become a term tied to the promoted mental construct of “gender identity”, which is part of the Alphabet soup Agenda.

Real Intersex people, those born with both sex organs or parts of both reproduction organs, are very rare, as rare as there are Siamese twins. I prefer to call them Hermaphrodites or Androgyns rather than Intersex people.

There is no such thing as an "intersex woman with XY chromosomes". Producing lots of male sex hormones means it is either a MALE or if both sex organs are present it’s an Androgyn or Hermaphrodite, but 100% NOT a woman!

It should not be meddled with their genitalia, unless there are problems of course.

Nowadays many of those pretending to “feel like the opposite sex”, to have been born in the wrong body and want to undergo Hormone Reassignment Therapyand “Gender Reassignment Surgery” never faced the problem that their sex could not be assigned at birth due to ambiguous genitals.  They were born MALE or FEMALE. CONvinced by “trans” activists about the existence of a myriad possible gender identities, males choose to be women or choose to be “gender-fluid” or “non-binary” and consequently (!) undergo vaginoplasty. They mutilate their healthy sex organs and often regret it later. Suicide rates among Transgender people are about 40% higher.

Some truly believe that an inverted Penis transforms miraculously into a fully functional Vagina and that they would be able to give birth after the transplant of an Uterus. Delusional! It’s a mental disorder … and social contagion.

To suggest that people could choose their sex is not based on any scientific, biological, or common-sense understanding of human nature. A “Man is a Man” and a “Woman is a Woman” is a biological fact, it is an inherent truth, it is reality. There are but 2 sexes. Gender Identity is a personal mental construct. It’s in fact psychological warfare.

Promoted by …   WHO ?

Btw, just pondering about this:  

Aren’t people born with BOTH sex organs the real “BINARY” ones?


The human spezies produces MALES and FEMALES and in very rare cases Conjoined Twins, of which the Hermaphrodite or Androgyn (BOTH male&female “instruction set” in one body) is one very rare variant.

Most so-called Intersex people are in fact MALES, born with internal underdeveloped male genitalia. They can suffer from the lack of testosterone producing organs, glands, why there are no visible secondary male sex characteristics after the age of puberty. Even with the lack of secondary male sex characteristics, like a deep voice, beard and a hairy body, they are still MALES.

Bodies that do not produce any kind of sex hormones will show no characteristic secondary sex signs. There is no puberty, which is induced by hormones.

Hermaphrodites are neither women nor men, but androgyn. From Greek "Andro" = man and Greek "Gyn" = woman. They possess both sex organs. They are BOTH.

BUT: It’s not that showing SECONDARY sex characteristics of the opposite sex would make a being a Hermaphrodite or as belonging to the opposite sex. Secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex can be easily achieved by Cross-sex Hormone Therapy without the existence of the primary sex organs and glands. Synthetic hormones lead to an artificial induction of those characteristics.

But why? To confuse and deceive you on so many levels into believing Men were Women (if you haven’t yet, you need to become aware of the genderinverted secret society in which we live) And vice-versa. It’s a satanic agenda.

Finally … Isn’t it strange???

The Dogaru Twins  Anastasia & Tatiana are boys. Not girls.

The famous Hensel Twins are boys. Not girls

The ususal hand sign & mocking you (Tongue out)

Source video

Could it be???

Conjoined twins, a very rare condition, something which is more likely to happen to members of the secretly genderinverted society??? 

It is the Great Work of the Alchemists to create the perfect androgyn.

Have THEY been looking for possibilities to be able to take control of the process of merging 2 embryos into one body ??? 

An electro-chemical process?

Last, but no least

I had to “skull-check” Nadar, French Photographer, who photographed many famous people, some of them flashing well-known handsigns, besides the fact that their skeleton shows signs of the opposite sex.

Female skull and sloping shoulders, no neck

and Ambroise Tardieu, the doctor who published the book in 1874 “Medico-Legal Question of Identity” including the medical rapport, autopsy and the Memories of Abel Barbin

Female Skull, Sloping shoulders, Handsymbol V-Sign

and Michel Foucault, French philosopher, who reissued the memories in 1978 and gave his writing a global dimension. Alexine Abel Barbin achieved her/his iconic status.  It's part of the whole queer transgenda. Paving the "mental acceptance" road for what is happening now, we are being forced to accept the queer Alphabet Soup society.

Source pic

Btw, French “Foucault“ /fuˈko/ and “Faux cul” /foky/ are phonetic anagrams. Faux cul = Fake ass

Bearded Ladies, Actors on Stage, Satanists at work

What does it mean? False medical rapports? Invented story? I don’t think so, especially for the medical rapports and autopsy. But honestly, who knows?

Rather, it's an agenda (transgenda).

THEY do not tell you that Hermaphrodites are Twins of both sexes in one body, a very very rare condition, but not impossible. If I can figure it out, doctors should have figured it out LONG AGO. And they did for sure!

Instead it’s Make-Believe … THEY took the story of Alexine Abel Barbin to separate the “biological sex” from a constructed “mental gender identity”. Stuff like: "Men can be women, if they “feel” like one". or "You are not born a woman but you have to BECOME a women" regardless your biological sex. It’s a plan to undermine the very foundations of our social order, which have been the traditional social roles of men (dads) and women (mums) in our society for very long time. Because that’s how it naturally works! And worked well, until Males in dresses started “Emancipation” & “Femismism” in order to destroy our values, our family units and our former style of life.

THEY choose to promote unicorn-science of gender-identities and sexual orientations (although yet the B in LGB reveals it all!) & the queer Transgender Agenda:Trans Women are Women .. NO!!! They are not and never will be, which has consequences in all areas of our lifes, especially healthcare, education, sports, …  

It’s but a huge business for the pHARMa Industry and its representatives in many fields.

And a strategy of war to weaken their enemy. But, who knows we are at war? And who knows who is our enemy?

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Last modified on Sunday, 26 November 2023 22:29

Facts, not fiction !


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