June 03, 2023

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Gender Reassignment Surgery GRS Featured

Genital self-mutilation based on deceptions ! Promoted by trans activists in social media, public schools and by such false open TRANS Stories like that of Chelsea Manning !

Surgeries for those who think they could change their sex.

FtM - Body Masculinization Surgery  or MtF Feminization
FtM - Top Surgery
FtM  & MtF - Genitals - Bottom surgery

There have been stories about open gender change, like the one of Bradley Manning into Chelsea Manning.

You think Bradley Mannings is a MALE that transformed into a FEMALE ?

You are wrong, those are deceptions to mislead people into self-mutilation of their genitals.  
It's all Show. Or rather warfare on mind! Bradley has always been a female. Born female, her ROLE to play was BRADLEY.

Chelsea Manning is NOT A TRANS-WOMAN, but was born a real biological woman.

 The open gender transition seems to be part of her PUBLIC ROLE to confirm such transitions to be successful or whatever.

Anyway, all of what happened with Chelsea Bradley Manning is a scripted reality. Not real. All part of  the transgender deception agenda and a huge TrumanShow. 

Furthermore it's to create confusion about the genders, part of the mind bending gender Agenda. Meanwhile THEY have the possibility to transition back to their original sex. 

These kind of transgenders are to show you, that transgendering would look like that. It would not get any better than that. Which holds true for all those, that decide transitioning AFTER puberty. The reason why THEY are now after the children convincing them to take puberty blockers and decide later what "gender" (= mental construct) they wanna be ! Then have them take cross-sex hormons and have reassignment surgeries ! 

Nowadays you can literally "augment" every part of your body with Plastic Surgery. Breasts, Butt, Face, Calfs, Arms, ... but here follow now gender reassignment surgery pictures for those having been influenced to think they were born in the wrong body.


It is easier to transform MALES to FEMALES, than FEMALES to MALES. Here's why.

Building ... a neo-penis: Phalloplasty

Skin to form a neo-penis is taken from the leg or the arm. 

The result:

It does not work by itself, you have to pump it up.

BUT: You're still a biological WOMAN with XX chromosomes !!!


Building a neo-vagina: vaginoplasty

3 main methods of vaginoplasty : 

  1. - Penile inversion, uses the penile skin to form the neovagina. Labias are made from scrotal tissue.
  2. - Rectosigmoid or colon graft, uses intestinal tissue to form the vagina wall. Intestinal tissue helps when penile and scrotal tissue is scarce.
  3. - Non-penile inversion vaginoplasty, uses the penile tissue for the labia minora and clitoral hood. Scrotal tissue for labia majora and vaginal lining.

The clitoris is always sculpted from the head of the penis.

Video explaining the penile inversion technique.

BUT: You're still a biological MAN with XY chromosomes !!! 

And there are those that realize how much of a mistake they did and who openly dare to admit that they regret. How many do not dare to "come out" again out of shame ?

Read about Detransition on https://www.reddit.com/r/detrans/ 


In any case the result of genital surgery will always be fake, it will always be artifical, made-up, lookalike, mimick the original ... it is everything but natural and real !

Body Masculinization Surgery BMS

This is what can be achieved. This is a Female to Male Transformer before & after her body masculinization surgery. Have a look at the V-shape clavicles !
It is a testimony for a Personal Fitness Trainer, but should be an ad for BMS. 

The Belly Button was lifted, an Adonis belt and muscles were built out of body fat. 


source of image https://nowlandperformance.com/#Testimonials

It's deception @ its finest !
Used to gain customers.
Instill the illusion of achieving that perfect body shape through fitness.

Men cannot achieve the same shape a muscular FTM can achieve with testosterone and body building. 

Women cannot achieve a male chest shape without subcutanous body fat. They need to take artifical hormones, anabolic steroids for her body to build up more muscles and less body fat. Either Hormone Therapy or Masculinization Surgery.

Women with body builder friends, which took such steroids to build up muscles have been badly surprised, as they did not except their voice to deepen. Irreversibly.

Body feminization

Narrow the waist

hip implants

hip augmenation & implants

Face feminization

Tracheal shave


Top Surgery

If you wanna be a man, but also still wanna have a baby ... Without breasts for breastfeeding ... pure insanity !

Below are more photos of victims of  Top Surgery or Masectomy.

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Last modified on Saturday, 25 March 2023 02:07

Facts, not fiction !


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