April 18, 2024

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Gender Reassignment Surgery GRS Featured

WARNING! This page contains images that show nudity, genital mutilation, necrotic nipples, wounds, post-operative complications, …

Revised & Updated 25.8.2023

ADDED 18/9/2023: Botched surgeries (in case you should consider having GRS, WATCH this BEFORE!!!)

It’s genital self-mutilation based on deception !

Gender change promoted not only by “alphabet soup” trans activists in social media and by FALSE open TRANS Stories like those of Chelsea Manning, Caytlin Jenner, Rachel Levine, … but is also promoted by so-called governments in public schools all over. Most people are not even aware about this.

It's to create confusion about the “genders”, part of the mind bending gender Agenda. Meanwhile THEY (the secret transgenders) have the possibility to transition back to their original sex.

“Gender fluidity” and being “Non-Binary” is promoted by celebreties like British comedian Eddie Izzard and others, and shall show you what transgendering would look like: It would not get any better than that. (Due to the intake of cross-sex hormones over years, in the case of Chelsea, Caytlin and Rachel.)

Which holds true for all those, that decide transitioning AFTER puberty. The reason why THEY are now after the children convincing them to take puberty blockers to postpone puberty and decide later what "gender" they wanna be! The suppression of the production of the natural sex hormones may of course have physical effects, because hormones are part of the communication system between the brain and the body.

Then later guide the teenagers to take cross-sex hormones and have gender reassignment surgeries to “align their bodies to their chosen gender”!

Although there is no need to take sex.cross hormones or have “gender-affirming” surgery to be able to change your legal sex on official documents (as if that was really possible!) in some countries in Europe, other countries, mostly eastern European require sterilization, on the grounds that such people were mentally ill and unfit to care for a child. Indeed, gender dysphoria is listed as a mental and behavioural disorder.

Most trans-people that have fallen for the sex-change illusion do look for sex reassignment surgery to “align their bodies to their gender” . Gender Identity is a mental CONstruct and biology or NATURE is no longer relevant.  Supported by medical associations, physicians, governments, … it truly is a huge global satanic shit show to bend the minds of people.

Gender Reassignment Surgery

Commonly Trans people speak of Bottom Surgery (Genitals) or Top surgery (Chest/breast), when they talk about gender affirmation surgery. Here are the possibilities of genital and other self-mutilation:

Feminization surgery: vaginoplasty (construction of a vagina), androgynoplasty (a vaginoplasty that retains the penis), breast augmentation, facial feminization & tracheal shave, gonadectomy (castration, either removal of the testicles (orchiectomy) or chemical castration to deactivate the testes), penectomy (removal of the penis), voice feminization surgery, MtF Body Feminization

Masculinization surgery: phalloplasty & metoidioplasty (construction of a penis), scrotoplasty (construction of a scrotum), mastectomy (removal of the breasts), hysterectomy (removal of the uterus), oophorectomy (removal of the ovaries), facial masculinization, Body Masculinization Surgery

Add the Hormone Replacement Therapy to this

Nowadays you can literally "augment" every part of your body with Plastic Surgery. Breasts, Butt, Face, Calfs, Arms, ... but here follow now pictures of genital mutilation from people having been influenced to think they were born in the wrong body.

Btw…Did you know?

The first known trans woman to undergo complete male-to-female surgery was Dora Richter, in the care of Magnus Hirschfeld at Berlin’s Institute for Sexual Research (1919-1933). Richter is presumed to have died in May 1933, when Nazis attacked the institute and destroyed its records.

Sex reassignment surgeries including the first ovarian transplant and then uterine transplant happened in June 1931. Lili Elbe hoped it would allow him to give birth, but his body rejected the transplanted uterus and he died of post-operative complications in September 1931, age 48.

The technique to produce a penis out of grafted tissue, that has become the modern standard called phalloplasty was developed in 1959 by Harold Gillies. In 1999 the procedure for metoidioplasty was developed, creating a penis out of the enlarged clitoris. source

Bottom Surgery - Genitals

It is easier to transform MALES to FEMALES, than FEMALES to MALES. Here's why.

Building ... a “Neo-penis”:
Phalloplasty, Metoidioplasty, Penile Implants

Let’s have a look at the “modern standard” phalloplasty which was invented 1959.

The skin to form a “Neo-penis” is taken from the leg or the arm.

The tissue won’t grow back. 

The standard results look rather horrible, like a “Lyoner” sausage:

This looks somewhat asymmetric!

Looks like it could fall off each moment.

There might even be post-operative complications:

This method requires a Penile implant to achieve an erection.

It does not work by itself, you have to pump it up.


Here the “Neo-penis” is built from the enlarged clitoris which is achieved using hormone replacement therapy.

In the best case the result of bottom surgery is a lookalike penis. Not to be mistaken for a real one by mistake! And it’s not a true male reproduction system.


FACT: A trans man is still a biological WOMAN with XX chromosomes !!!



Building a “Neo-vagina”: vaginoplasty

The New Vagina Manual 

3 main methods of vaginoplasty : 

  1. - Penile inversion, uses the penile skin to form the neovagina. Labias are made from scrotal tissue.
  2. - Rectosigmoid or colon graft, uses intestinal tissue to form the vagina wall. Intestinal tissue helps when penile and scrotal tissue is scarce.
  3. - Non-penile inversion vaginoplasty, uses the penile tissue for the labia minora and clitoral hood. Scrotal tissue for labia majora and vaginal lining.

The clitoris is always sculpted from the head of the penis.

Those having had bottom surgery without post-OP surgery complication are really lucky. Because, next to possible post-operative complications, they have to keep dilating an open wound.

Oh Dude, it's NOT a vaginal opening!

A “Neo-vagina” is a wound that is not permitted to heal, because every day it has to be dilated to stay open and to keep the “depth”. For years!!!

Colon Method ?

Testicles produce testosterone. If you cut them off or deactivate them plus take cross-sex hormones it is absolutely no wonder that there is no sexual desire. Do they not think about this BEFORE ???

bacterial vaginosis ... LOL, it's not even a vagina, so ... it's rotting flesh inside

Trans Children face lifetime of infertility, incontinence and sexual dissatisfaction. Of course!!! To even perform such kind of gender affirmation surgeries is insanity and should be forbidden!!!

Of course, they do not tell children about this !


The illusion of having both sexual organs, a “Neo-Vagina” and a Penis. But still no real hermaphrodite.Without his testes (testosterone) he’s got a “hard” time to harden his dick.

FACT: A trans woman is still a biological MAN with XY chromosomes !!! 

Transwomen can not be mistaken for a real one, not even EYES CLOSED.


And there are those that realize how much of a mistake they did and who openly dare to admit that they regret. How many do not dare to "come out" again out of shame ?

Read about Detransition on https://www.reddit.com/r/detrans/ 

In any case the result of genital gender affirmation surgery will always be fake, it will always be artifical, made-up, lookalike, mimick the original ... it is everything but natural and real !


Top Surgery / Masectomy

They are removing healthy breasts. Often inclusive the nipples, because there are problems to keep the nipples alive. Also in the case of breast augmentation. ["Let's invent "non-binary"!] 

Nipple necrosis

There are numerous people posting on reddit about their issues, which means Doctors seems not to be concerned very much about those kind of post-operative problems.  

If you wanna be a man, but also still wanna have a baby ... Without breasts for breastfeeding ... pure insanity !

For these children insanity will be normal.

Body Masculinization Surgery BMS

Advertisment of a Plastic surgery Clinic in the US

This is what can be achieved. Below is a Female to Male Transformer before & after her body masculinization surgery. Have a look at the V-shape clavicles !
It is a testimony for a Personal Fitness Trainer, but should be an ad for BMS. 

The Belly Button was lifted, an Adonis belt and muscles were built out of body fat. 


source of image https://nowlandperformance.com/#Testimonials

It's deception @ its finest !
Used to gain customers.
Instill the illusion of achieving that perfect body shape through fitness.

Men cannot achieve the same shape a muscular FTM can achieve with testosterone and body building. 

Women cannot achieve a male chest shape without subcutanous body fat. They need to take artifical hormones, anabolic steroids for her body to build up more muscles and less body fat. Either Hormone Therapy or Masculinization Surgery.

Women with body builder friends, which took such steroids to build up muscles have been badly surprised, as they did not except their voice to deepen. Irreversibly.

Body Feminization Surgery

Narrow the waist

hip implants

hip augmenation & implants

Facial surgery

Feminization surgery

It includes procedures of plastic surgery to soften the male facial features. Forehead recontouring, brow lift, nasal reconstruction, hair transplantation,cutting away bone from the cheeks, chin and jaw contouring to a softer, rounder shape, lip augmentation, Adam’s apple reduction, …

This FFS advertisment would not convince me, he looks even more masculine as transwoman.

Face feminization

Tracheal shave

Some do indeed look more feminine. 

But for some I can hardly see a difference

Masculinization surgery

It includes procedures of facial implants giving more angles to the face: chin augmentation, cheek augmentation, more robust square jaws, Adams’ apple, less rounded forehead, male hairline, …

The intake of testosterone leads anyway to the growth of facial hair.


It’s a mental issue !

These people need medical help, but not the present surgical one affirming them in their delusion under the guise of "life-saving surgeries" and leading to self mutilation and many other issues. Instead they need psychological help to accept themselves as being the sex they were born. It is simply not possible to change your sex. 

Transgenderism is a struggle against reality.

Nature does not make mistakes, your physical body matches your energy body. It can be no other way.

Botched surgeries

In case you should consider having GRS, you should absolutely have a look at these pictures BEFORE, because your surgeon nor any other “medical consultant” will tell you. They won’t act against the mandatory “trans affirming” health care advices to give to people suffering from gender dysphoria. It’s a very lucrative business!!! And they do not really care about  post-OP complications, otherwise how come so many people suffering from GRS complications … ASK REDDIT ??? like r/Transgender_Surgeries and hope to find people suffering from the same or similar problems.

The results of GRS aren’t guaranteed because the procedure is far from perfect. Problems include bleeding, skin graft rejection, fistulas, trouble emptying the bladder, blocked urethras, urinary tract & other infections, urine leakage, numbness, loss of sensation and libido, lack of orgasm, painful intercourse and pain in general.

Some FtM have had their genitals turn black. Often penile implants fit improperly and have to be removed.

MtF have endured clitoral necrosis, expulsion of vaginal skin, scar growth, hair growth and/or granulation tissue in the ”neo-vagina” which can be too shallow or have a continuous bad odor and/or discharge and dryness. It needs constant dilation to prevent it from closing up.

18 year old boy died

An 18-year-old boy died when doctors tried to create a vagina for him using part of his colon. His colon was used because puberty blockers stopped growth of his genitals, which meant there wasn’t enough tissue to do the penile inversion surgery.

Major complications began within 24 hours of surgery, and necrotising fasciitis was confirmed in the days that followed. Despite large doses of antibiotics and repeated removal of dead or infected tissue, the previously healthy patient went into multiple organ failure and died.

Once again, after this harrowing account of a young person’s needless death, the researchers assure the reader that “vaginal reconstruction” has a “positive influence” on the quality of life of “non-transgender and transgender women," but cautions that “physicians and patients need to be aware of serious complications that may arise.”

The investigation into the young person’s death revealed that the deadly strain of E-Coli most likely came from the patient’s own intestines, not from the hospital setting, meaning that the more risky vaginoplasty surgery necessary due to early puberty suppression almost certainly caused the fatality.

Warning: these pictures are very graphic. This is what the poor boy had to go through during his last day on earth.


Article Trans Teen died from vaginoplasty complications during landmark Dutch study used to justify child sex changes

Regretful after surgery

Botched !

NON-BINARY .. but why does he want a BINARY genitalia ?

Far from perfect results! 

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Last modified on Monday, 18 September 2023 16:57

Facts, not fiction !


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