May 26, 2024

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"3rd Gender" Club Symbolism

Signs & Symbols rule this world, not words nor laws and all Signs & Symbols seem in fact to point to the same, like all roads lead to Rome.

They are symbols of a secret society signaling their common denominator: neither male, nor female, but an artificially created "3rd gender".

They all have an artificially created androgynous body, unifying 2 sexes in ONE body. They are whole (in their minds). The whole(y) bloodline.

Actors on stage & other not famous ones are flashing certain signs and symbols to make sure they are being identified as a family member of THE SECRET SOCIETY CLUB. Each on their individual mission, playing their scripted roles. To fool, mislead, distract.

Symbols are especially important on fotos, where there is no motion. There are no coincidences, there are also no paperazzi chasing celebs. Everything is perfectly planned & staged. Everything released is meant to be released. Especially the "accidentally caught on camera" released fotos are created to mislead you. 

This is a compilation of signs and symbols, all standing for the UNIfication of opposites (male& female) in one body. Work in progress.

The ORIGIN of THE EYE (27/3/2024)

The Devils HORNS update 17/10/23, Adam & Eve (25/7/23), 666 (12/7/23),  Androgynous SymbolsThe M sign or 3 (TRIad Claw), The Devils HORNS, V.ictory or 2 thing , The ONE EYE, The SHHH, The Tongue Out, The Hidden Hand, The "FCK-U", Look or Point up (added 17/10/23)

Sign-flashing M.embers to be found on this page:
M sign or 3, TRIad Claw: Christian Drosten, Nena, Ivanka Trump, Richard Nixon, Marlene Dietrich, Marine LePen, Ron Jeremy, Muriel Zeender Berset, Charlotte Roche, Michelle Obama, Alice Weidel, Frauke Petry, Sebastian Kurz, Djuna Bernard, Tessy Antony former de Nassau, Elvis Presley, Emanuel Macron, David Icke, Kurt Cobain, Maggie de Block, Marietta Slomka, Thomas Anders (Modern Talking), Edward Snowden, Sam Tanson, Monica Semedo, Mandy Minella, 

Horns: Nicolas Sarkozy, Barak Obama, Eminem, Catherine Austin Fitts, Heino, Ken Jebsen, Sibel Schick

V-Sign: Silvio Berlusconi, Jan Böhmermann, Claudia Roth, Muriel Zeender Berset, Alice Weidel, Xavier Naidoo, Steven Tyler 

One-Eye: Claudia Roth, Ken Wheeler, Kurt Cobain, Greta Thunberg

Psst / Shh: Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy, Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean), Hans Werner Sinn, Mandy Minella, Tessy Antony, former de Nassau

Tongue out: Hindu Goddess Kali, Advertising Radio Station, Albert Einstein, Miley Cyrus, Saskia Esken, Steven Tyler 

Hidden Hand:  Prince Harry

F*CK You: Silvio Berlusconi, Vladimir Putin, George Soros, Klaus Schwab

Look or Point up: Antonio Guterres

There are more signs & symbols, like The Fist, The Triangle, Merkelraute, 666, ....

"Symbols in a nutshell" Graphic added 29/11/2023

The "masonic letter G" is in fact half of a circle (female) combined with half of a square (male).

Added link 6/6/2022 : The origin of the number 666

Added 25/7/2023 about

Adam & Eve

Like Shiva and Shakti (or Isis/Osiris), Adam and Eve are personifications of the male and female principle or aspects.

In union, Shiva and Shakti make up the half-woman lord known as Ardhanarishvara. Shiva and Shakti are one and the same. Sex-CROSSED. A transwoman? Or a transman?

For “them” it’s the UNIon of both sexes (opposites) in ONE body, to BECOME whole (The (w)holey bloodline)

Now, what about Adam and Eve?

It’s the same. “They” were not 2 different beings, but Adam BECAME Eve. THEY even tell us, that Eve was made out of Adam(‘s rib). THEY are mocking us.

In the “Babylonian” Talmud the following classifications for males and not-males can be found. 


Androgynos: a fusion of 2 genetic codes in one body (genetic defect, chimera, siamese twins)
Tumtum: genetic defect
Aylonit: female without signs of maturity
Saris: sterile males, saris khama were born that way, saris adam were castrated males

That which connects the dots, is the name for castrated males: “saris adam”. Thus “adam” means castrated. Adam … of course you have to think of Adam & Eve. As Eve was made out of Adam, he became she, Adam was a transwoman. The first one.

Adam had an apple! Adam’s apple. The apple, fruit of creation. A success story for centuries. Another one’s been going on since 1/4/1976. Aprils Fool’s day.;-)

Apple/apples = Apfel/Äpfel (german) or Apel /Äppel (german dialect & Luxembourgish language) and the verb “veräppeln” means “to make fun of” or “kidding”.

The apple is bitten. People have taken the bait.

End of update 25/7/2023

Added 12/7/2023

about 666, the Beast, the CROSS and the meaning of the word “Hebrew”

Is it the OK Sign or are they flashing the symbol for the number of the Beast 666? It can be combined with the eye or the mouth (SHH!)

The number/symbol can be found embedded in logos.

Who has not heard about “666” to be the “number of the Beast”? Probably very few.

Who has yet heard about the Beast to be a man? Probably very few.

Excerpts from the article Number of the Beast

The Beast is a man!

The number (sum) of his name is  666. The “greek” name, greek numerology. Greek letters had and still have also a numerical value. The New Testament was originally written in greek, the Old Testament in hebrew.

Link Strong’s Concordance

A man on a cross. Does the bell yet ring ?

Source article

This is a hard pill to swallow for those that beLIEve. But ask yourself, why would you need a savior? Somebody else who allegedly died long ago for your “sins”, for you to be “saved” ? Only if you follow HIM, of course, like a lamb the shepard. Are you sure it would include also future “sinners” ? Would it help if somebody else takes an aspirine when you’ve got a headache?

Remember: ALL religions are tools of control and power. And abuse. It’s mockery and deception. The secret/sacred books deal indeed with natural phenomena. Their purpose was to tell time, the seasons. The true time, not the artificial man-made calendar.

The Beast.

The Beast had yet had many male and female names: Isis, Isa, Krishna, Jahwe,… etc  it’s always the same ONE, fooling people.

One of the very first portraits we do have of Jesus is the Salvador Mundi painted by Leonardo da Vinci around 1515, according to official narrative.

Leonardo looks also feminine. Mona Lisa might well be a self-portrait.

I wonder if Leonardo da Vinci really existed or is, like HIStory merely fiction ?

No children an no skeleton. This is fiction. Also there is and has never been an Y chromosome in “famous males” in all of known HIStory, for sure.

There are a lot of “portraits” or images of Jesus, all of them show a female skull/face.

This one tops them all ;-)

The Beast is a transman. The Lady we all know.

Here’s another “numerological” view on 666:

6+6+6 = 18 = 1+8 = 9

9 is an inverted 6. Inverted six/sex


All roads lead to ROME!


The cross is THEIR symbol. It’s also the symbol of Christianity.  To have people worship a dead man nailed on a cross  to save them from their “sins” is foolery, him (her) being his (her) own adversary is supreme foolery. But honestly, shouldn’t we expect exactly such from Satan, the Master of Deception?

“Satan”in Hebrew language means the opposite or opponent, adversary. But what does “Hebrew” mean?

In Hebrew language the word “hebrew” is Ivrie, עברי. The root letters mean “CROSS over or pass through”

To cross over means to BECOME a Hebrew

This is not about crossing a river, but to cross over to the other sex, SEX-CROSS, CROSS-dress, the PASSAGE from one sex to BECOME the OPPOSITE sex. Transition. “He came from the other side.” Means: He was a she.

Words can have more meanings. As well as different things are PRONOUNCED the same way. That’s why deception is so easy.

Pass over originally meant the time, when the SUN/SON passes over the equator in spring, which happens around March 21.

It’s interesting to note that the Hebrew language was a DEAD language until around 1890 when it was REVIVED. THEY tried reviving “classic greek” as Katharevousa before, as language of the new-born state Greece (1830), but failed. Imo, around this time THEY switched the agenda and the Greeks no longer were the “chosen people”.

By now, you should have figured out the common denominator of the the real “chosen ones”.

End of Update 12/7/2023


Androgynous Symbols

In Alchemy the Great Work is the production of the perfect androgyne. The restoration of mankind to wholeness.

BUT : Has mankind every been androgyn ? 

I don't think so. 

The reUNIfication of opposites, the UNIty out of duality, the Marriage of Sun & Moon, Balancing the opposites, Dark to Light, As above, so below, ..... these are their doctrines !

The unification of opposites is not possible, in fact OPPOSITES are needed to reach STABILITY or BALANCE


  • the inverse is what needs to be done to something to undo it.
  • the opposite (additive inverse) of a thing is what we need to add to that thing to cancel it our or get ZERO. Physically the opposite is a reflection.
  • the reciprocal of something is that element, which when multiplied by our original thing, gives us 1

This list is not complete.

The YIN-YANG symbol, black & white

The Lotus - a symbol for rebirth

Flowers in general, produce often sperm cells, ovules and seed by itself.

The Palm tree or Tree of Life - is a solar (male) symbol

The Arrow

The Anchor, a cross in disguise

The Scarab

The Serpent / Ouroboros / The number 8

The Caduceus & Wings

The Ankh 
Circle = female, Cross = male

The Eye of Horus

The ORIGIN of the EYE (27/3/24)

The left eye is related to the moon, female.
The right eye is related to the sun, male.

The merged Shiva & Shakti

The Phoenix, born of itself from the ashes. 
The Phoenix is the Morning Star, the son of the sun.  A symbol for immortality and resurrection.  The plumes of its tail are blue and red.

Phoenix = Eagle

Double-headed statues

The Star of David, combined triangles representing unification of the female, water and the male, fire
The Triangle is the idea of balancing the opposites.

The Chinese Dragon

Unicorn (Monoceros)  & Rainbow

Mermaids / Mermen
Half human, half fish. Fishes are the sex-switching masters of the animal kingdom.
Men-killing mermaids in legends, were MALES "switching their sex" like fishes.
Many countries have legends about mermaids

The Fish is a symbol for androgynity.

The Vesica Piscis, the intersection area of 2 circles

The Rabbit, Bunny, Easter hare, Playboy Bunnies
Hares were believed to be androgynous by the "Roman-Grecos".

The Alpha & Omega

The cross, T, X , male & The Circle, Rose, female.
Both combined, the symbol for the Rosicrucians, a representation of the 3rd gender

The Square (Male) & Compass (Female), well known masonic logo.

The "masonic letter G" is in fact half of a circle (female) combined with half of a square (male).

The Rebis - Res Bina - Two Thing
The UNIfication of polarities, opposites
Think Conjoined Twins

The balanced man and woman in one is a symbol of the Original Man. Many cultures have illustrated an androgyne with both male and female sex organs.

Alchemy, "turning everything to gold".

The V-Sign, TWO Ting

Caster Semenya, is a MAN, not an "Intersex woman with XY chromosomes".
There are but 2 sexes and 2 skeletons.

The Medieval Diable

Baphomet, a masonic creation by the Knights Templars to represent the unification of male and female in one body. Is it a representation of their androgyn god, which they are obviously mimicking or is it a representation of what they want to achieve & what they work for ? The perfect androgyne ?

It is depicted with a GOATHEAD and being a hermaphrodite, having female and male sex organs. An artistic depiction of the hermaphroditic genetics, the unification of opposites, the wHOLY bloodline, the 3rd gender.


The root of the word is greek: chimer-a: goat, monster

In Greek mythology the Chimera is a three-headed monstrous fire-breathing creature.

But this is just a representation of several different genetic codes within one body.

The Black Sun

The Horns


The M sign, Triad Claw or 3 for 3rd gender

It's obvious, that this handsign is actually used by the inverted ones as a sign to recognize each other on fotos.

Christian Drosten


Ivanka Trump

Richard Nixon

Marlene Dietrich

Marine LePen

Ron Jeremy

Muriel Zeender Berset

Charlotte Roche

Michelle Obama

Alice Weidel

Frauke Petry

Sebastian Kurz

Djuna Bernard

Tessy Antony former de Nassau


Elvis Presley

Emanuel Macron

David Icke

Kurt Cobain

Maggie de Block

Marietta Slomka

Thomas Anders (Modern Talking)

Edward Snowden

Sam Tanson

Monica Semedo

Mandy Minella

There's a long tradition for those signs:

Devils HORNS

For the HORNS, I am pretty sure that they openly show us, that we are the horned ones. The message is: "We've put the horns on you". Cornutos !

UPDATE 17/10/23
This is the true meaning of the Horns. They represent the unification of sun and moon during a solar eclipse. The unification of male (sun) and female (moon) in one body.

END of UPDATE 17/10/23

Besides this, for them the real meaning of the horns could have its origin in ancient pictographs and their original meanings. 

Representing a crown, as symbol for leaders, power & strength and a bull, which depicts the god AL, worshipped by many Near Eastern cultures.

Nicolas Sarkozy

Barak Obama


Catherine Austin Fitts


Ken Jebsen

Sibel Schick

The V.ictory sign or TWO Thing

V for VictorY ? This whole parasitic shitshow started in the 1800's, also known as VICTOR-ian aera. 
Or does it mean 2 ? Two Thing =  2 genders in 1 body ? As 2 fingers are shown, sometimes the fingers stick together, not displaying the V.

Silvio Berlusconi

Jan Böhmermann

Claudia Roth

Muriel Zeender Berset

Alice Weidel

Xavier Naidoo

Steven Tyler


the ONE EYE symbolism

of course, the most known symbol, the EYE of providence

Ken Wheeler

Kurt Cobain

Greta Thunberg

the SHHH

Showing that they do not reveal the secret

Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy

Rowan Atkinson

Hans Werner Sinn, Shh & V-Sign

Mandy Minella

Tessy Antony

the Tongue Out

Mocking openly those that do not know about their inverted lifestyle. Also a symbol for Death.

Hindu Goddess Kali

Ad from a Radio Station

Albert Einstein

Miley Cyrus

Saskia Esken

Steven Tyler


The Hidden Hand

they are puppets on strings, guided, lead by a hidden hand

Prince Harry, the hidden hand & horns



The "FCK-U"

Showing the "F*ck you" sign

Silvio Berlusconi

Vladimir Putin

George Soros

Klaus Schwab

Looking up or pointing up

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Last modified on Wednesday, 27 March 2024 15:12

Facts, not fiction !

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