July 13, 2024

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The Origin of "THE EYE"

An EYE within a triangle, clouds, rays of light, ... or a hand: The Eye, The All-seeing Eye, The Eye of Providence, The Eye of Ra, The Eye of Horus, …

The Eye of Providence is associated with Christianity. It represents God’s watchful eye, a symbol of divine power, guidance, protection, trinity.

In Freemasonry it represents the watchfulness of the Great Architect. But the EYE symbol was used in various religions and cultures for very long time.

Today it mostly symbolizes control and domination by a shadowy ELite, but its original meaning was completely different

We are told, the old pagan religions were Sun worshipping cults. The new monotheistic religions are the old ones in disguise, using the same symbols. Priests are performing rituals today, that no longer work, because the electro-magnetic conditions changed. It turned into a sort of Cargo Cult. The original meaning of real terrestrial phenomena was transferred into the spiritual realm. At least for the ignorant masses.

Cargo Cult - Melanesia - their anchestors received goods (cargo) from American soldiers per plane during WWII

Religious stories are fairy tales woven around encoded knowledge. This "occult" knowledge is passed down among the initiates. For centuries. The fairy tales and fear are for the common folk.

We live in an electro-magnetic realm and we are electromagnetic beings.

The “ancient” deities were NOT beings, but personified depictions of natural electric and magnetic forces, natural phenomena. The standard words, like plasmoid, resonance, cyclone, capacitor, current, magnetosphere, .... we use to describe physical forces and processes were not yet invented. Special characteristics of animals, plants and humans were used to explain functions and natural principles. 

The All-seeing Eye or the “son/sun of God”

That which was deified and worshipped by our anchestors all over the plane was not the Sun we see in our sky, but a long living terrestrial PLASMA SUN, according to the Russian Blogger Ypprst, and his explanations, based on Primary Sources, are really convincing!

During a certain period of time, the plasmoid was created each day at dawn in front of their eyes by NATURE, acting as a natural TMD reactor. According to the "Ancients", plasma suns are alive and intelligent.

These "places of power" were called the "House of God" or Paradise and were located in anomalous zones, over geofaults all over the plane.

The terrestrial Plasma suns were the worshipped object of "ancient religions", the “Sun of God”. 

The plasma sun had many names: Winged sun, Little Sun, Young Sun, Baby Sun, Eye, All-seeing Eye, Sun of another World, Sun born from a Rock, Winged Ball, Falcon, Hunting Falcon, Dragon, fire breathing Dragon, Phoenix (!)

Often called "Eye" because it has a dark spot in the middle.

It was also called a “Hunting Falcon”, because it feeds on organic matter. Plasma is attracted to organisms as a source of electromagnetic energy. It is an extremely dangerous electro-magnetic phenomena and it kills people.

It is still deified by people in those places where it periodically appears, like in the mountains of the Ural. The phenomena weakened, but never disappeared completely. As a result, on Earth, the growth of flora and fauna has weakened, but has not stopped, because... The underground sun continues to exist - that which makes everything grow.

The symbols used to describe the processes are similar all over, because NATURE manifests itself equally all over. “Ancient” religious symbols & gods are in fact technical drawings and schemes of physical forces and transformation processes. They were depicting what NATURE showed them. And cyclically NATURE demonstrates how the Universe works.

People were studying this NEW sun, a glowing plasma ball that shoots fire, that softens rock, cuts rock, that causes mutations, that reverses aging, that speaks... that rose from underground and hovered in place at “places of power” on the Earth’s surface. They discovered how it worked and reported in detail about it. Some were able to "copy" successfully the different processes involved in the natural creation of a plasmoid. 

The "House of God" 

"Houses of God" were/are  located in a horseshoe loop of rivers. It can also be an undergroud river. River loops show that there are large electromagnetic vortices at work in the underground. Those places are like a natural collider.

As example, the Valley of the Kings in Luxor, those places are rectangular in shape and limited on 3 sides by mountains, open to the NORTH.

There was a lake overgrown with papyrus - the vegetation effectively evaporating water into charged particles- ions.

Electromagnetic vortices burst out from the underground (geofault).

There were 2 hills opposite each other (East & West), between which a counterflow of charges was created with the superposition of protons from cosmic radiation. (solar wind)

A closed electromagnetic circuit was formed - capacitor. Then a breakdown of this capacitor occured, the charge went down to the lake and was transformed into a spherical long living plasmoid, plasma sun.

The caves of the mountains formed the magnetron and was called the mother of the gods.

The electromagnetic flow from underground was called the underground god. (Osiris)

The evaporation of the lake in the closed space of the landfill - “spirit” - was called the house of God.

The resulting plasma was called the Son of God.

The two opposite hills were called Isis and Nephthys. Hill Isis was considered the Mother of God (plasmoid)

Electric current was called “liquid fire”.

New water formed from chemical reactions was called “Sweat of God”, “Water of Life”

Red water from saturation with iron - “blood of Isis”. And it is at the south pole of the Earth in modern times, famous red waterfalls.

The Eyes of Ra are side plasmoids from the captured induced upper flow from the current layer of the atmosphere above the test site 

source Topography 2 - the article explains the different stages of creation of the phenomena in detail 

Nine different forces are at work to create a stable plasma ball and there are technical drawings with descriptions from the “ancient” Egypts on the walls in caves in certain "tombs" of Pharaos in the Valley of Kings, next to Luxor.

Those technical schemes on the walls in a few caves are the Primary Sources, known as the Book of  the Dead (fairy tales for the common folk) and for the Kings the Book of Light, Book of the Caves, Book of the Heavenly Cow, Book of Amudat, Book of the Gates - which describe step by step what happens, the schemes for the creation of a new teresstrial space, zero time and the sun of the new space. 

There was always a "mystic" version for the common folk and there was a "technical" version for the initiates.

Physical processes in the language of images  - a scheme for the creation of a natural plasma sun. 

The gods of Egypt (& elsewhere) are physical forces of anomalous zones.

The discoveries of the test site were: the discovery of Tau as a multiplus magnet, the discovery of the “swastika” scheme ( cm), the discovery of “other space”/through the looking glass, the discovery of local polarity reversal, the discovery of lifting force, which in modern times. called not anti-gravity, but ponderomotive, the discovery of the “plasticine” state of a stone when exposed to a vortex field, the discovery of a microwave (the wheel of life/samsara), an accelerator, the discovery of the possibility of storing electricity in a natural capacitor - the sun born on a rock, and others.  source Topography 1

Those places were called PARADISE, because NEW WATER appeared, NEW LAND emerged in the form of mountains, natural PYRAMIDS, new vegetation emerged, FERTILITY in those zones increased. The area of influence was a temporary fountain of youth.

God's Net

The "Ancients" described a luminous network, that suddenly materialized in the sky. That network consisted of three-dimensionial cells of light.

Another world exists within the network. The sky of the Other World was called "Cow of Heaven".

God's Net nowadays in Norway


The whole world was created from the cells of the electromagnetic field network: the cells of plants, animals, and minerals. And each cell is crowned with the energy of a vortex.

The network was also depicted as a honeycomb. Like it is today.

Are the cells of the electromagnetic field of the environment informational? What information does God's network carry? Egypt gives an answer only to what types of antennas the network forms, and that “heka” was possibly used as a “bit”. 

Yes, this is God's "broadcasting system". Everyone receives the information which the body (antenna) is meant to decode. God is supreme consciousness.

Now follows a part, where it becomes harder to wrap one's mind around.

Time anomalies & Ressurection

Another space appeared - a micro-Universe with a different time and its own sun, the son of God.

It was a long living plasma ball, that appeared each day at dawn before sunrise (3-5 am) and would disappear in the evening. According to Primary Sources during the time of appearance at dawn Time went backwards. So they brought dead people in the Valley that would become alive again, when the plasma sun appeared. Although they would die again in the evening, unless the person did not die his own natural death. Ressurection was once a real terrestrial phenomena and still is in  anomalous zones when the son of God appears.

These locations were portals to “other dimensions” at specific times.

Hybrid beings were born in those aereas, resulting from the intercourse of men with animals. Still today anomalous beings are worshipped in India as an avatar of God.

Is this the result of "inter-racial" intercourse in an anomalous active zone?

Then the electro-magnetic conditions changed, the Little sun no longer appeared daily, but only on special dates like micro parades of planets, solar eclipses, days of magnetic storms on Earth, ... .

The days of the appearance of God were public holidays back then. 

The "priests" (technicians), mostly sons of Kings of those days could make the phenomena appear. They had special garnments to wear and procedures (rituals) to follow to be successful.

Nowadays rituals, mysteries, artifacts of temples and churches are descriptions of the processes, nothing more.

When the appearance stopped, they started to mummify the dead bodies, because if there was no body, there could be no ressurection with the "son of God". Those buried in ancient times hoped that the zone of paradise - the World of the Gods - the Underworld would resurrect them, since their tomb is located in an anomalous zone where Time goes backwards every day at dawn.

All over the plane are hills, mounds, burial mounds, where rulers were buried to be reborn with the sun of God. Wherever are hills, mountains, the phenomena was once alive. And the creation of new hills is the first sign of the appearance of the sun of God. As well as the appearance of iron saturated red water.

“It is now known that the places of phenomena in the world are the confluences of two rivers. The second can be underground or a stream, like the stream of Velesov Ravine, which flows into the Moscow River. And it has been established that the ancient mounds (of the resurrection of God) stand at the intersection of underground water flows. Therefore there is more than one funnel. The intersection of two streams forms what is known from the description of Paradise: de Paradise was located at the sources of 4 rivers: at the intersection of two streams, 4 branches are obtained with two equators of the streams and probably what the ancestors called “the center of the world”, “the navel of the earth” is formed " - local pole in modern terms (in modern times there are more than 100 local poles on Earth). Even the Egyptians pointed out the transmutations accompanying the phenomena with the formation of gold, therefore the places of the phenomena are marked by the Egyptians with golden goddesses on gold smelting crucibles, and Egyptian idols and parts of mummies are gilded, and gold is most often washed in streams and rivers. The “Golden Woman” is also known in the Urals.”  source Word of God

GOLD was created in the underground, hydrogen and other vapors were released due to the compression in the Earth crust, … .
GOLD is a marker of locations where the phenomena took place, still today new GOLD is created in the underground of those places at the times, when the plasma sun appears.

Temples, Cathedrals, Churches

When the phenomena started to weaken and the vegetation (the natural T-antennae) started to disappear, artificial objects, antennae were invented and used to create or keep the phenomena alive. The columns of temples, spires, crosses, …
Cathedrals, Temples and Churches were built in anomalous zones, where the phenomena appeared, to harvest and control the energy. These buildings were electric power stations.

The layout of Temples in Egypt repeat the topography of the "Great Place", Valley of the Kings. 

This old "church" built in 1 692 still has an old power plug, now disconnected.


Some of the buildings still work and produce St Elmos Fire, a natural electrical discharge. Btw, if it's a man-made electrical discharge it's called Corona.


The masons that learned the secret of those buildings from the priests, united to form the Freemasons. I can imagine that every ruler of a city-state would have wanted their own power station. So it was a lucrative business during a certain moment of time. 

Whatever technology we have, it’s ALWAYS COPIED from NATURE!

The Plasma suns might be reappearing soon all over the plane, as the electro-magnetic conditions and thus the weather conditions on Earth are changing again, returning to the “ancient” conditions. These changes are nowadays commonly known as “climate change”. But it’s NOT man-made and has nothing to do with CO2 [which is a scam]!

Hessdalen, Norway

This is what the phenomena looks like in real life: the "unexplained lights" over Hessdalen in Norway are appearing cyclically for more than 40 years.

Different sorts of light, light pillars and plasma suns

This is a "House of God", located next to a river loop with mountains on both sides. One side the mountains contains copper, the other side is rich in iron and zinc. It's an electromagnetic phenomena, a natural battery. 

It's still weak, not fully developped in Hessdalen. The light pillars from the underground will join the light pillars (auroras) from the sky. This was called "Marriage of Heaven and Earth". Source Battery God

It’s a cyclical phenomena, cyclical warming and cooling, compression and depression in the Earth crust, more or less release of vapors,  ... 

Thousands of years ago? Or more recently?

The winged sun was also called Phoenix.

Isn't there a legend or saying about this bird being reborn from its own ashes after a cycle of 500 years? 
Could this be the actural cycle for plasma suns appearing on large scale all over the plane?

As we saw The Valley of Kings in Egypt as an example of a House of God, let's have a look at the Prioris map from 1592. (Handwritten, btw!)

Source Prioris Map ZOOM

Africa was a green continent merely 350-400 years ago. There are more maps until “1688” depicting Africa as a green continent with lots of cities and animals. 


The Prioris Map from “1592” shows the Valley of the Kings green, which means vegetation, no desert! Something BIG happened in Africa between 1688 and 1782 and we do not know about it!

What happened??? Could it have been exploding plasma suns? They're super-weapons!! 

Whatever happened left a huge part of Africa as desert land, killing whoever used to live there and it changed for sure the climate on earth. There was no ice on Earth, the North pole was depicted ice free in “1592”. 

Btw, on the Prioris map, the North Pole is depicted at the intersection of 2 streams. Like PARADISE. With a Mountain, Benben in the center. Local plasma suns create local North poles, local miniature electro-magnetic realms. 

The North Pole is depicted the same on Mercator map, 1606  

More hints, that the "ancient" times are not that ancient:

In 1992, Dr Svetlana Balabanova, a german forensic toxicologist found traces of cocaine, nicotine and hashish in many "ancient" Egyptian mummies. Coca plants only grew in South America and were unknown elsewhere prior to  Columbus (1492). The "scientific" Oxford world reacted furiously, because it would implicate that there was contact between Egypt and America prior to Columbus, which is regarded absolutely impossible. It would also be regarded impossible, but in reality the mummies are not several thousand years old, they're from the 1700s or even later. Our timeline is much shorter. Official history is a lie and they have a hard job to keep up the official narrative.

Pompeii - A water canal, the "Canale di Sarno" was built by italian architect Domenico Fontana from 1592 -1600. The canal was built straight through Pompeii, rather BELOW Pompeii and it was feeding several functional wells. This fact alone proves that Pompeii was still an operational city during that time. It can also be found on old maps. Pompeii got destroyed in 1631, not 79 A.D.!!  History is a lie!

The Canale di Sarno was flowing below through the center of Pompeii, feeding several wells & fountains!!
Source image: Wiki

Witnesses of the eruption from 1631 testified: "Everything that came along the way was captured by this pressure and firestorm. Herds of livestock were crushed and scattered on all sides of the fields. Trees, huts, houses and towers were knocked down and scattered. Of these streams of fire, two were the fastest. The first with enormous force rushed towards Herculaneum, the second - towards Pompeii. The trees that stood in these cities turned into ashes."

Now, can you imagine what was dicovered in 2020?  

an INTACT street food shop with FOOD in the pots  ... ;-) ROFL

Let's return to Egypt.

The "ancient" monuments and temples in Egypt were built in the 1800s. The builders left their signature with the year of construction in the still wet plaster.

Someone tried to remove the name, much later.

source: Egyptian Chaos - Part 6 

Everything was cast in formworks with a hardening stone mixture. Columns were plastered with a granit stone mixture. They used prepared blocks, which were put together.

Here they were in a hurry, did not pay attention when assembling the blocks. Noone would have hewn upside down!  

Maybe the construction of those temples was initially meant to be power stations, to recreate the phenomena of the plasma suns artificially over former working "Houses of God" in Egypt? 

The creators of "ancient" HIStory did not inform the builders that they were going to construct a few thousand year old historical monuments, otherwhise the builders would not have been allowed or even thinking of leaving their signature with the year of construction. This was usually done, we can often see the years of construction on old buildings, like above on the Church from 1692 with the names of the architects.


Now, ... did you read the Bible? There are obviously people that found out how to create and control natural fireballs themselves and turned them into powerful weapons, successfully, 1608 Death by horror


It's an advanced civilization compared to ours. THEY are the ones shaping/creating our reality and world.., releasing technology as needed for their plans.

THEY are the ones playing “gods”, THEY - The Hierarchy Enslaving You, choosing once their people on Earth to rule and fool the others.

Their latest famous appearance was in 1917 in Fatima, Portugal.  

Have you noticed it yet? ALL of  those in Power (& appearing on a TV screen) on Earth, the "chosen people" are gender-inverted. Since birth in almost all of the cases. If you haven't so far, you need to study the differences of male and female skeletons [Theory, Training, Exam], so you can notice yourself.

It's a clever military strategy to have your subjects change their gender at birth. A secret no one else knows. I doubt that the "gods" themselves are into this Gender-Inversion-Game, it's rather an illusion, that THEY could sell.

If you can convince people that a man is a woman and vice-versa, and that god is androgynous, you can convince them of everything, also of becoming "androgynous" themselves. Especially if this makes people special, it bonds them together, they are the "chosen ones". Although they do not really become androgynous, merely by taking sex hormones of the opposite gender or having plastic surgery.

And some subjects certainly merit to reach out their hand and "take from the Tree of Life". It's WATER, a fountain of youth, which exists in anomalous zones at special dates, when the son of God appears, it's NOT Adrenochrome!!! Which is a toxine an linked to schizophrenia.  

THEY have the Tree of Life and live forever, if THEY wish.

Kicked out of Paradise by the "LORD God" !

Remember: The "priests" (technicians), mostly sons of Kings of those days could make the phenomena appear. I think, THEY are still alive!

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Last modified on Wednesday, 27 March 2024 15:15

Facts, not fiction !


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