February 23, 2024

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Facts, not fiction !

Female & Male Gait

February 06, 2021

Nobody can hide his/her true, original sex. Mission impossible !

TRANSformers may be trained in mimicking the opposite gender gait, but they cannot change their original pelvis and femurs. 

Shoulders, clavicles, arms and hands are obviously different in male and female skeletons. 

The COG is a hypothetical point in the body around which the force of gravity appears to act. The point where the mass of the body is concentrated. Men and women have a different center of gravity.

Are you aware about the biological key differences between Male and Female Skeletons ? Are you sure ?

Archeologists can determine the gender of skeletons found in mass graves with 100% accuracy. 

Victoria's Secret Transgender Transvestigation

Transvestigation - MTF don't age well

First Ladies of Germany - Transvestigation Part 2

First Ladies of Germany . Transvestigation

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