August 17, 2022

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Mind bending Agenda Featured

There are exactly 2 sexes: Females & Males. Both are needed to procreate. Both are designed especially for this !

I don't know when this mind bending transgender agenda exactly started, but I know that it is important to stop it. NOW !!! 
It could in fact have started long ago: In alchemy the Great Work is producing the perfect androgyne, or mankind restored to wholeness ! The balanced man and woman in one is a symbol of the Original Man.

GENDER is an artificial CONstruct to CONfuse people's mind. Promoting the idea that people are born with an internal sense of gender identity is a doctored issue. As are the defined chracteristic roles for men & women in society. 


is a political ideology driving significant social change and whoever questions this TG agenda is labelled "being transphobe". It is promoted in key public institutions everywhere, it erodes the sex-based rights of women and undermines the protection of children.

Gender is seen as detached from anatomy. It's more a (suggested!) feeling to have been "born in the wrong body" and that you have to adapt your body through Hormone Therapy & surgery to correspond to your state of brain.  

Gender dysphoria is when your "internal sense of gender ID" and "outer" sex characteristics are not aligned, i.e. you don't know if you're a boy or a girl. Gender dysphoria is listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental disorders, version 5 (DSM-5).

The brainwashing influence of the media, polytiques, educational institutions, activists, ... to confuse and mislead people into thinking that they can change their sex. Suggesting that being transgender is not a choice, but that transgender people are simply "born this way". This is absolute nonsense. 

As is "Trans-women are women" or "Trans-men are men".

NO !! They are not & will never be. Trans-women might become breasted lookalike-women to fool men, or trans-men become breastless bearded lookalike-men, that are perceived as gay, but they might never ever become a real natural born woman, resp. man. That is simply biologically IMPOSSIBLE ! They become in fact an artifical created "3rd gender". 


There are exactly 2 sexes: male and female.
Your sex is determined at conception.
You cannot change your sex!
In 99% of all cases, you were born either male or female and you have to deal with it. That's it.

The 1% : Being intersex (IS)

Being born with male & female sex characteristics (XX & XY sex chromosomes) is a very rare condition. It is classified as a disorder of sexual development, because most of the IS variations result in infertility.

Only in 0.02 to 0.05% of all births the baby has visible signs of both sexes (ambigous external genitalia). It comes max. up to 1,7% if those are considered when IS is only noticed at puberty.

Out of the 0.02 to 0.05% born with both genitalia, only very few develop fully functional testicles and ovaries. Those that do, (+/- 0.012%) could in fact self-fertilize and have offspring. 

Nature would of course design those bodies to be able of carrying children & feeding their offspring (breasts, mom's arms, wide pelvis, soft ligaments, enough body fat). No need to fake pregnancies. That's a feature of deceptive transgenders.

Being intersex is not the same as being transgender. InterSex People are being misused to push an insane transgender agenda. Read more about InterSex People here. 

The LGB community

Being lesbian, gay or bi-sexual also has nothing to do with being transgender. Those groups have been drawn into this insane transgenderism agenda. 

Lesbians are women that are sexually attracted to other females and, of course, not all lesbians accept trans-women as women, because they are males, identifying as women because they "feel like a woman". 

How does it feel to "feel like a woman" ?  or "feel like a man" ? Anyone can answer this ?

Gender and the "innate gender identity" are CONstructs for the minds, as are 

Transgender Children

The goal is to normalise the idea that everyone has a "gender identity" and one's gender cannot be assumed from their physical appearance.

Language has been adapted, new words coined and IMPOSED on society. Like "being binary" or "non-binary" or "cis-women" being women whose inner and outer gender identity is aligned. Such pratices merely serve to programm people's minds into cognitive dissonance, means accepting that up is down, black is white and male is female. It's psychological warfare !

Children should not be asked at school (!), if they would rather be a boy or a girl. That "choice" has been determined long ago and it's not previewed by Nature to change this, even if there exist methods of surgery.

Puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones should not be given to anyone under the age of 18. Why prescribe puberty blockers at all ? Children have to go through puberty, that's the natural cycle of life ! Puberty is not meant to be artifically "paused" and then "re-started". Puberty blockers may cause irreparable harm to a child's developing body and may have a detrimental impact on future fertility.  

The differences between the sexes are biological and designed by NATURE to support reproduction. Sexes are not EQUAL, which does not mean one would be inferior to the other. They are just DIFFERENT to serve their own purpose.

Whatever you might want to do, to transition into the opposite sex, it won't work out. You will always stay a lookalike woman or man but you will never be a real woman or man. Merely an artificial construct, fake ! It's a mind bending agenda to convince people to mutilate themselves. There are enough regretful transgenders and the numbers of people regretting transitioning is rising. But they are ignored, not given a voice. 

The fact that detransitioners exist poses a threat to the one-sided story of transgender as a permanent reality as is promoted by trans positive Media & the TG community.

Detransition, not that simple

Especially young teenage girls seek now transition, influenced through social media, like Keira Bell, 23 years in 2020, she fell for the mind bending transgender agenda as a teenager and was allowed to harm and mutilate herself. In 2020 she took legal action against the Tavistock clinic.

She received Puberty Blockers at 16, Testosterone Shots at 17, her healthy breasts were removed at 20 and she changed her mind at 21. Now she tries to transition back to female, but she no longer is a real female. Nor a male.

Her voice deepened forever, facial and body hair grows and she was not sure in 2020 if she had fertility problems due to the medical treatment she had for 5 years. Her healthy breasts are gone, no breastfeeding anymore. She might have surgery to look female again. She will forever suffer mentally. 

And there are yet & will be lots of similar cases with much more to come... because

Transgenderism - a political ideology brought to you ... by Hidden Transgender

The greatest deception is, that these "transgender" ideas are promoted by activists & people in political "power positions", that lie about their own original sex. They are secret, Hidden Transgenders, acting on stage as "normal" people supporting a victimized "minority".

All of them are no longer male nor female, transgendered since birth, members of an occult cult, they have become an artifically created 3rd gender. The unification of opposites, like male & female in one body is a masonic doctrine. It's an occult cult. Secret society. 

The Open Transgenders are not really all first time TRANS people, some have just transitioned back to their original sex after having played their ROLE on STAGE. For natural born males & females to think "transgendering" being real and a solution to adapt your physical appearance to your inner state of mind. It's deception & mockery at its finest. Read more about the Open TG deception here.

Why do they lie about their true sex ?

Right from the start. If you know about the differences of skeletons, you know that you cannot hide your biological sex.

What's scaring is that all of the governments everywhere are full of hidden transgender. And it's not merely the ELites, the power positions are filled with gender inverted ones, and it goes even far beyond this. There is a secret transgender society living among us, mocking us beyond imagination. 

For all playing a role on world stage, and smaller stages the Challenge would rather be to find one of them, that does NOT lie about his/her original sex !

You can FEEL it

When looking at them, you can FEEL that there is something wrong with them. You cannot explain, what you feel, unless you can see the unseen. Yes, it is weird, surreal, feels unreal. But then also many things suddenly start to make sense.

Like, why all of these "men" are/were perceived as "gay". They have to play gay Roles on stage, because they would never ever pass through als real biological MALES. 

Our subconsciousness knows. 
Learn to trust your gut !

What's the purpose ? 

Why do they play gender inverted ROLES ? 
Because it's all Theater ? BRITISH Theater ?
Actors playing roles. EnROLed to mock & fool us ?
To have and especially KEEP all the power, wealth and control ?
Turn everything natural, organic, original into their opposite ?

They are deceiving us into CONsent.  

The gender-inversion rules out that ever a normal one could have a say, play a role on stage ! No intrusion possible.

They recognize each other, as should you ! Do you ?

Signs & Symbols

They don't need to throw any kind of symbols or signs at each other, when they meet in real life. But for sure it's useful to be identified for sure as a member of the "M"asonic or "3rd gender" club, on fotos.
Symbolism used to CONfuse the minds of the Normies with satanic fairy tales.

It's scripted Show, Entertainment, to keep people busy with occult secrets !  Draw their attention to WHERE "The Hierarchy Enslaving You" want it. Doctored rabbit holes !

Satan means Opposite or Opponent in ancient hebrew. That's what it is all about. The opposite of all that is natural, normal, original, authentic. They are the opposite of this: artifical and fake !

And want us to become like them !

Note: Satan & Santa are anagrams and stand for the opposites of (d)evil and go(o)d.

Devils Horns 
The Horns have nothing to do with devil [do they show us openly that they are hornY ? :-) ]

Put the horns on someone = to betray someone, usually sexually
italian.: Cornuto - Horned - german: Gehörnter 

Btw, do you know what "threeway" means ? ;-)

More about Symbolism & many examples here

We, the natural born females & males, the "Normies", are the horned ones, betrayed ones !

As mentioned before, they recognize each other and laugh about the ignorant, that do no longer know about the differences of male and female bodies. They mock those, that try to reach the opposite gender body shape through fitness exercices & special dietary products. They laugh about the normal men lusting after lookalike woMEN, artifical creations, inverted MALES.

Read more about Deceptions by design here

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Last modified on Tuesday, 18 May 2021 11:27

Facts, not fiction !

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